Etiquette: How to walk up and down the Stairs

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How would you walk up and down these stairs?

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I actually never thought for a second about it. But once when visiting a castle I walked down the stairs with someone who had grown up visiting castles of family members and friends. And when I was holding the balustrade – as about all other visitors around us – he laughed and explained to me that royals and nobles – and their relatives – are usually taught from an early age that you shouldn’t do that.

You’re actually supposed to walk right through the middle, on the carpet.

Of course there are cases in which you are excused. When you don’t walk well anymore for example. And I suppose it also counts for women wearing high heels and long dresses. If they walk up and down on their own, without anyone to support them, I can imagine that they rather hold the handrail in case that …


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