Finally arrived in Luxembourg

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After hours of travelling I have finally arrived in Luxembourg. I left home this morning at 7.45 to go to the railwaystation. The train for Germany left at 8.18, and it took me just about one hour to get there. Managed to get quite cheap tickets from Germany to Luxembourg some months ago. The train goes directly from Leer, Germany, to Luxembourg. It just takes seven hours. After more than one hour in Leer the train left, and the long trip started. Happily I had a nice neighbour. The seats weren’t that comfortable and I got some pain in my back, but I sat at the window so I had a good view. That view by the way only really became beautiful when we were near Koblenz. Passed Namedy near Andernach, but didn’t see the castle there. Although for a while we drove next to the Mosel river and saw wineyards and old castles and ruins. Sunshine outside, and it is actually just a pity to be inside a train instead of enjoying this late “summer” weather. Funny enough I met another royalty journalist on the train, Julia Melchior, who will be one of the commentators at German ZDF television. The wedding will also be broadcasted by the way by RTL Luxembourg, RTL TV1 (Belgium) and NOS (Netherlands;

Finally at 6pm we reached Luxembourg, without much delay. Always nice! Managed to find the hotel quite easily. The room is very nice, although some sounds from outside can be heard. Turns out it is just a small walk to the cathedral. Unfortunately it was already dark when I left the hotel to meet up with Stephan from Germany who had arrived earlier today. Just turned on my computer to find out we just missed the bridal couple, the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and his fiancée Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, who were attending a rehearsal between 5 and 7pm. O well, we met some Dutch royalty photographers (Royal Portraits and Royal Press Europe) at the town hall square anyway. Had a nice dinner before returning to the hotel. It will be an early day tomorrow.

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