Eligible princes

“An Ordinary Girl is not prepared for a Royal Future” (Loesje, 1998) … But we can always keep on dreaming about it!

In Dutch I think the Loesje-slogan was “Een gewone meid is niet op een koninklijke toekomst voorbereid”. Looking at the year, 1998, it probably had something to do with the first Dutch royal marriage since 1975, the marriage of Prince Maurits van Oranje-Nassau van Vollenhoven and Marilène van den Broek. Being only 5th in line of succession to the throne at the time, it was clear that Prince Maurits would likely not have a real royal future. The interest in this first marriage of the new generation was however pretty big and of course there was somewhat of a discussion about the role the couple would be playing within the royal family in the future.

One of the first features on my new website in 1998 was a page with eligible princes and princesses, or royal descendants. Here is a much longer and less detailed list of princes. But I hope you still enjoy it. They’re all over 18, and younger than 50, and to my knowledge unmarried. They will be removed as soon as they are engaged or have entered religious life.

Reigning royal houses

  • Belgium, Prince Joachim of – 9 December 1991 (son of Lorenz and Astrid)

Non-reigning royal houses

  • Austria, Archduke Alexander of – 26 September 1990 (son of Carl Christian and Marie-Astrid)
  • Austria, Archduke Andras of – 22 December 1994 (son of István and Paola)
  • Austria, Archduke Felix of – 12 December 1996 (son of Raimund and Bettina)
  • Austria, Archduke Ferdinand of – 21 June 1997 (son of Karl and Francesca)
  • Austria, Archduke Friedrich-Cyprien of – 18 July 1995 (son of Andreas-Augustinus and Maria-Christiana)
  • Austria, Archduke Jakob of – 22 January 2002 (son of Ferdinand and Katharina)
  • Austria, Archduke Johannes of – 29 October 1997 (son of Simeon and Maria)
  • Austria, Archduke Joseph of – 26 July 1994 (son of Joseph and Margarete)
  • Austria, Archduke Julian of – 29 May 1994 (son of Carl Philipp and Martina)
  • Austria, Archduke László of – 25 May 2002 (son of Ferdinand and Mary)
  • Austria, Archduke Louis-Damien of – 23 September 1998 (son of Carl Philipp and Annie-Claire)
  • Austria, Archduke Ludwig of – 16 November 1998 – (son of Simeon and Maria)
  • Austria, Archduke Michael of – 15 September 1990 (son of Rudolf and Marie-Hélene)
  • Austria, Archduke Pal of – 10 January 1997 (son of István and Paola)
  • Austria, Archduke Paul of – 13 January 1996 (son of Joseph and Margarete)
  • Austria, Archduke Paul of – 25 August 2000 (son  of Eduard and Maria Theresia)
  • Austria, Archduke Philippo of – 9 August 1997 (son of Franz and Teresa)
  • Austria, Archduke Pierre of – 8 May 1997 (son of Andreas-Augustinus and Maria-Christiana)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Amedeo of – 9 May 2001 (son of Sigismund and Elyssa)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Benedikt of – 12 November 2000 (son of Clemens and Gislinde)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Bernhard of – 11 June 1977 (son of Karl Salvator and Edith)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Casimir of – 27 July 2003 (son of Andreas Salvator and Valerie)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Clemens – 17 July 1992 (son of Albrecht and Birgit)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Constantin – 4 January 2001 (son of Alexander and Marie-Gabrielle)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Ferdinand of – 1 February 1980 (son fo Christoph and Ebba)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Jakob of – 22 September 2001 (son of Matthias and Sabine)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Maximilian of – 28 December 1984 (son of Markus and Hildegard)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Nikolaus of – 5 August 2000 (son of Matthias and Sabine)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Thaddäus of – 30 January 2001 (son of Andreas Salvator and Valerie)
  • Austria (Tuscany), Archduke Timo of – 1 June 2000 (son of Maximilian and Michaela)

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