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All over the world tv-channels broadcast programmes about or even with nobles and royals. I will try to post a list here weekly, and update when I find something during the week. As it is impossible to check all channels I have listed the channels I have access to myself, and will include anything else I find online. Some channels might allow online Live TV access. Times are the local ones, thus Europe is CET, UK is GMT. Be aware there can always be last minute changes. If you have any additions, I would be very happy if you could react to this post and give the details.

Now with links, if I find them! I can’t be sure if you can see them all too, but hope they will be visible in other countries also.


Saturday 26 August

Sunday 27 August

  • 1.15pm, France 2 (France): Diana: la légende et les doutes (Diana: The legend and the doubts). Documentary.
  • 2.00pm, France 2 (France): Diana, les 7 jours qui ébranlèrent le Royaume-Uni (Diana, 7 days that shook Great Britain). Documentary.
  • 4.00pm, France 2 (France): L’Héritage de Diana (The Legacy of Diana). Documentary.
  • 4.55pm, ITV 3 (UK): The Young Victoria. Film from 2009.
  • 7.30pm, BBC 1 (UK): Diana, 7 Days. Documentary.
  • 8.00pm, RTL 4 (Netherlands): Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. Documentary.
  • 8.15pm, MDR (Germany): Elisabeth von Rochlitz – Agentin der Reformation (Elisabeth von Rochlitz – Agent of the Reformation).
  • 9.05pm, ITV (UK): Victoria. TV-Series, Series 2, Episode 1.
  • 10.50pm, France 2 (France): Cellule de crise – Diana, l’onde de choc (Crisis cell – Diana, the shock wave).

Tuesday 29 August

  • 8.00pm, ITV (UK): Diana: The Day Britain Cried.
  • 8.15pm, Arte (Germany): Sigmaringen, Hauptstadt Frankreichs (Sigmaringen, the Capital of France).
  • 8.50pm, Arte (France): Sigmaringen, le dernier refuge (Sigmaringen, the last refuge).
  • 9.00pm, RBB (Germany): Die Pracht von Babelsberg. Pücklers Paradies an der Havel (The Beauty of Babelsberg. Pücklers Paradise on the Havel).
  • 9.10pm, NPO 2 (Netherlands): Lady Di & Dionne (5/5).

Wednesday 30 August

  • 8.30pm, NPO 1 (Netherlands): Diana: zeven dagen die de wereld schokten (Diana: Seven days that shocked the world).
  • 11.30pm, SBS 6 (Netherlands): Diana: de geheime tapes (Diana: The Secret Tapes). Channel 4 documentary.

Thursday 31 August

  • 8.00pm, TV 2 (Denmark): Diana – Vores mor (Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy). Documentary.
  • 8.30pm, SBS 6 (Netherlands): Diana: de people’s princess (Diana: The People’s Princess). BBC documentary.
  • 10.00pm, NDR (Germany): Prinzessin Diana – Ikone, Mythos & Königin der Herzen (Princess Diana – Icon, Myth and Queen of Hearts).
  • 10.45pm, TV 2 (Denmark): Dianas historie – med hendes egne ord  (Dianas Story – In her own words).
  • 11.30pm, NDR (Germany): Unsere Mutter Diana – Ihr Leben und ihr Vermächtnis (Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy). Documentary.

Friday 1 September

  • 9.05pm, TV 2 (Denmark): Diana. Film from 2013.



Saturday 19 August

Sunday 20 August

Monday 21 August

  • 3.30pm, Arte (France): Les grandes reines d’Egypte (Egypts Greatest Queens).
  • 6.20pm, Arte (Germany): Ägyptens grosse Königinnen (Egypts Greatest Queens).
  • 6.30pm, BBC 2 (UK): Royal Recipes.
  • 6.45pm, NPO 2 (Netherlands): Binnenstebuiten. Vorden Castle.
  • 7.00pm, BBC 2 (UK): Royal Cousins at War (2/2).
  • 8.15pm, ARD (Germany): Unsere Mutter Diana – Ihr Leben und ihr Vermächtnis (Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy). Documentary.
  • 8.15pm, ORF III (Austria): Diana – Prinzessin der Herzen (Diana – Princess of Hearts).
  • 9.20pm, ORF III (Austria): Diana – Eine stille Revolution (Diana – A silent revolution).

Tuesday 22 August

  • 6.30pm, BBC 2 (UK): Royal Recipes.
  • 9.10pm, NPO 2 (Netherlands): Lady Di & Dionne (4/5).

Wednesday 23 August

Thursday 24 August

  • 6.30pm, BBC 2 (UK): Royal Recipes.

Friday 25 August



Saturday 12 August

  • 8.20pm, RTL – TV1 (Belgium): Place Royale. Royalty programme.
  • 11.00pm, ITVBe (UK): Ladies of London. Series 2, Episode 2: Unbelievable Balls.

Sunday 13 August

Monday 14 August

Tuesday 15 August

  • 1.20am, ITV 3 (UK): Million Dollar Princesses. Episode 3: Movers and Shakers.
  • 6.30pm, BBC 2 (UK): Royal Recipes.
  • 9.00pm, HR (Germany): Die Zarinnen aus Hessen (The Tsarinas from Hessen).
  • 9.10pm, NPO 2 (Netherlands): Lady Di & Dionne (3/5).

Wednesday 16 August

Thursday 17 August

Friday 18 August



Saturday 5 August

Sunday 6 August

Tuesday 8 August



Saturday 29 July

Sunday 30 July

Monday 31 July

Tuesday 1 August

Thursday 3 August

Friday 4 August

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