New royal and noble books – May 2020

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Authors: Tracy Adams and Christine Adams.

Title: The creation of the French royal mistress. From Agnès Sorel to Madame du Barry.

Publication: 1 May 2020 by Penn State University Press.



Author: David Cannadine and Claudia Acott Williams

Title: The Crown in Focus. Two centuries of royal photography.

Publication: 15 May 2020 by Merrell Publishers Ltd.

Language: English.


Author: Siobhan Keenan.

Title: The progresses, processions and royal entries of King Charles I, 1625-1642.

Publication: 1 May 2020 by Oxford University Press.

Language: English.

2 thoughts on “New royal and noble books – May 2020

  1. Lots of good reading to look forward to! I anticipate having my eyeballs turning into lumps of coal from so much reading! Thank you for these lists, it’s nice to see there’s so much to look forward to so far this year!

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