New Royal and Noble Books – January 2019

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Authors: John James ed.

Title: Almanach de Gotha 2019, Volumes I & II.

Published: January 2019 (I think) by Almanach de Gotha.

Language: English.


Authors: Bettina Braun, Jan Kusber, Matthias Schnettger.

Title: Weibliche Herrschaft im 18. Jahrhundert. Maria Theresia und Katharina die Große (Female Rule in the 18th Century. Maria Theresia and Catherine the Great).

Published: 1 January 2019 by Transcript Verlag.

Language: German.


Author: Carina Axelsson (partner of Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg).

Title: Royal Rebel.

Published: January 2019 by Usborne Children’s Books.

Language: English.


Author: Moniek Bloks.

Title: Carolina of Orange-Nassau. Ancestress of the royal houses of Europe.

Published: 25 January 2019 by Chronos Books.

Language: English.


Author: Jaime Peñafiel.

Title: Los 80 Años de Sofía. Esposa, Madre y Abuela (Sofia’s 80 Years. Wife, Mother and Grandmother).

Published: 22 January 2019 by  Grijalbo Ilustrados.

Language: Spanish.


Author: James Pope-Hennessy, with an introduction by Hugo Vickers.

Title: Queen Mary. The Official Biography. Reprint of the original biography from 1959.

Published: 10 January 2019 by Hodder & Stoughton.

Language: English.


Author: Stewart Richards.

Title: Curtain Down at Her Majesty’s. The Death of Queen Victoria i the Words of Those Who Were There.

Published: 2 January 2019 by The History Press.

Language: English.


Author: Michael Questier.

Title: Dynastic Politics and the British Reformations, 1558-1630.

Published: 10 January 2019 by Oxford University Press.

Language: English.


Author: Tracy Borman.

Title: Henry VIII and the men who made him.

Published: 8 January 2019 by Atlantic Monthly Press.

Language: English.

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