New Royal and Noble Books – December 2018

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Author: Martina Winkelhofer.

Title: Sisis Welt. Der Alltag von Kaiserin Elisabeth zwischen Hof und Leidenschaften (Sisi’s world. The daily life of Empress Elisabeth between court and passions).

Published: 4 December 2018 by Piper Taschenbuch.

Language: German.


Editor: Olivia Fryman. Contributions by Sebastian Edwards, Olivia Fryman, Joanna Marschner, Deirdre Murphy and Lee Prosser.

Title: Kensington Palace. Art, Architecture and Society.

Published: 4 December 2018 by ? (Royal Collection Trust?).

Language: English.


Author: Theodore Evergates.

Title: Marie of France, Countess of Champagne, 1145-1198.

Published: 11 December 2018 by University of Pennsylvania Press.

Language: English.


Author: Riddarhuset (ed.).

Title: Sveriges Adelskalender 2019 (Swedish Peerage Book 2019).

Published: December 2018 by the Riddarhuset.

Language: Swedish.


Author: Joan A. Holladay.

Title: Genealogy and the Politics of Representation in the High and Late Middle Ages.

Published: 31 December 2018 by Cambridge University Press.

Language: English.


Author: Matthias Simmich.

Title: Die Potsdamer Konferenz im Schloss Cecilienhof. Wendepunkt der Weltgeschichte (The Potsdam Confernce at Cecilienhof Palace. Turning point in the history of the world).

Published: 1 December 2018 by Deutscher Kunstverlag.

Language: German.


Author: Hennie Vaessen.

Title: Der Kaiser der seinem Land entfloh (The Emperor who fled his country). Previously this comic strip appeared in Dutch as “De Keizer die zijn land ontvluchtte”.

Published: 10 December 2018 by Pelikaan Pers.

Language: German.


Author: Eugene Y. Park.

Title: A Genealogy of Dissent. The Progeny of Fallen Royals in Choson Korea.

Published: 11 December 2018 by Stanford University Press.

Language: English.


Author: Dr. Steven J. Corvi.

Title: Plantagenet Queens & Consorts. In the Shadow of Eleanor.

Published: 15 December 2018 by Amberley Publishing.

Language: English.

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