Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Royal Christmas Mail 2018

Every year with Christmas there is a small list of royals – up to 15 – who receive a Christmas card from me. Because I like them, find them interesting and they send a card back. I wouldn’t send cards to royals I have never heard of, just because they send something. The royal families […]


The Name of … Woizlawa Feodora

The photos are from the private collection of a friend of mine and are not to be used elsewhere without permission. On Tuesday 17 December 1918 a Duchess was born in Rostock, Germany.  Where weeks earlier her birth might have been reported in all newspapers in the Duchy of Mecklenburg, this was not the case. […]

The name of … Catharina-Amalia

On Sunday 7 December 2003 at 5.01pm a Princess was born at the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague, The Netherlands. Originally the little Princess was only announced for January 2004, but being 52 cm tall and having a weight of 3,310 grams hardly anybody believed that she was born several weeks early. The name was […]

Books & Media

Royal Podcasts

Sometimes the developments on the Internet are going far too quickly. As I had a nice website it took me a while to open my own blog. When I go somewhere I still forget to create videos. And what the heck are these popular things called podcasts? I just had to search to find out […]

New Royal and Noble Books – December 2018

For more new books about royalty see: History of Royal Women Royal Book News The World of Royalty Van Hoogstraten Online   AUSTRIA Author: Martina Winkelhofer. Title: Sisis Welt. Der Alltag von Kaiserin Elisabeth zwischen Hof und Leidenschaften (Sisi’s world. The daily life of Empress Elisabeth between court and passions). Published: 4 December 2018 by […]


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