Sunday, March 24, 2019


A last minute surprise meeting at Kensington Palace

During my state visit in London – as my royalty friend Bobby called it – I intended to visit a few exhibitions and meet with a few people. Unfortunately the royals themselves managed to organize their many engagements around my visit, so there wasn’t much going on. I missed the visit of Queen Letizia of […]

A new emperor for Japan – Who attended Akihitos enthronement?

On 30 April 2019 Emperor Akihito of Japan will abdicate and on 1 May 2019 his son Naruhito will be the new emperor. The enthronement is to take place on 22 October 2019, with a huge banquet taking place the next day. The big question is: which royals will attend in October? When in July […]


The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution

Today will be the last day the exhibition “The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution” at the Science Museum in London will be open. Opened on 21 September 2018 I wasn’t able to get there until last weekend. Luckily I had booked online, as that was required despite of it being a free exhibition. Going there […]

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Film review – The Queen’s Corgi

As soon as I saw the trailer in October 2018 I knew I had to see “The Queen’s Corgi”, a Belgian animated adventure film releasedt his year. This children’s film is produced by the Belgian company nWave Pictures, directed by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot, and written by John R. Smith and Rob Sprackling. This […]

Learn without limits – Future Learn

Some time ago I discovered this great website Future Learn, that offers quite good courses for free. Whatever you like there is a course for you, often offered by a real university. Some courses are somewhat longer than others, from two to maybe even ten weeks long. Almost every course offers an upgrade when you […]


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