Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Dear library

As long as I can remember -certainly 40 years or more – I have been a member of the public library, and for a while even of the library of the university. I started reading at the age of 5 and since books have been my life. Even when I moved from Sneek to Leek, […]

My royal mail 2020

Arrived on 9 January 2020: a card with photo from King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians to thank for the card I sent them for the 20th wedding anniversary. On 15 April 2020 King Philippe of the Belgians celebrated his 60th birthday. On 16 April 2020 Queen Margrethe II of Denmark turned 80. […]


A royal baby in Albania

Just over four years after their fairytale wedding in Tirana, Albania, Crown Prince Leka of the Albanians and his wife Crown Princess Elia became parents. Several weeks ago photos of them in the streets of Tirana showed up in the Albanian media, showing Crown Princess Elia with what looked like a baby bump. When inquiring […]

Royal News October 2020

Updated 25 October 2020 1 October Belgium has gained two new princesses and a new prince. The Court of Appeal in Brussels, Belgium, has ruled that King Albert II of Belgium is the biological father of Delphine Boël, and that she has the same rights and titles as her father’s children by his marriage to […]


Current and future exhibitions

Last updated: 23 October 2020 This list contains temporarily noble and royal exhibitions all over the world. If you hear about an exhibition that is not yet listed, let me know. Unfortunately because of Covid-19 it isn’t easy at the moment to travel. Many museums might be closed, some have reopened or will soon reopen […]

Queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday exhibition

Also for Queen Margrethe II of Denmark the year of her 80th birthday didn’t exactly go as planned. No big celebrations, and several other events were either postponed or cancelled. While her birthday was already on April 16, only two months later, on June 16, she could open the birthday exhibition “The Faces of the […]

Media & Co.

New royal and noble books

2021 31 October New royal and noble books – January 2021 2020 New royal and noble books – January 2020 New royal and noble books – February 2020 New royal and noble books – March 2020 New royal and noble books – April 2020 31 October New royal and noble books – May 2020 31 […]

New royal and noble books – January 2021

For more new books about royalty see: History of Royal Women Rosvall Royal Books Royal Book News The World of Royalty Van Hoogstraten Online SPAIN Author: Arnout van Cruyningen. Title: De Koning van Hispanje. Filips II, verguisd en geëerd (The King of Spain. Philip II, Reviled and Honored). Publication: 12 January 2021 by Omniboek. Language: […]


Never pretend to be a royal

All over the social media people use the names of royals for their accounts. Sometimes you should wonder if that is allright or not. Last week I saw two totally different stories. On one hand there was one by someone on Twitter, while Twitter researched whether this person was actually the Duchess of Windsor, or […]

A royal visit to Groningen in 1937

My British royalty-friend Bobby Golden lately sent me a small article about a “royal” visit to my city Groningen in January 1937. A day after the wedding of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard in The Hague Major and Lady May Abel Smith headed for Groningen on a mission connected to another big event that year. […]

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