Thursday, January 18, 2018


400 Posts!

When busy with my blog yesterday, I suddenly noticed that my post on Sunday was actually the 400th post being published on this blog. Or at least the 400th post that is still there, as I have deleted some in recent years. I guess about half of them were written in the past year when […]


The First and Last Royal Births of the Year

Each year the question is: who will be the first royal baby of the year, and which one will be the last to be born? I had a look at the past 10 years. Sometimes it takes weeks, other times the first baby in a royal or mediatized family is already born in the first […]

Royal Christmas Babies

Having your birthday at Christmas? I am not certain whether that is fun. I used to have a friend who had her birthday on 26 December. We were never too keen going there, and also for her it can’t have been so great. Lots of people who don’t come to visit you because it is […]

Books & Media

TV Royal January 2018 – Update 17 January

All over the world tv-channels broadcast programmes about or even with nobles and royals. I will try to post a list here weekly, and update when I find something during the week. As it is impossible to check all channels I have listed the channels I have access to myself, and will include anything else […]

The British Royals on the Internet

A modern royal family, even many non-reigning ones, can hardly do without an official website anymore. And many royal houses also use social media. A royal family is important for the identity of a country, and therefore should present itself well online. What does make a website a good one? It should be pleasant to […]


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